WEN Video

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School Districts - The high schools in the State of Wyoming have video conferencing units.  Districts use the endpoints to help fill teaching spots for smaller schools within their own district.  A fun example of this is Natrona County High School's Russian class.  Districts may also offer their classes to other districts via the Wyoming Switchboard Network.

Community Colleges - The community colleges in the State of Wyoming utilize the WEN to teach many college classes.  Many community colleges have their own video conferencing systems in addition to WEN video units.  Distance education offerings can be found at the community colleges' websites, or at WyDEC

University of Wyoming Outreach Video Network (OVN) - Video conferencing system built to deliver higher education classes.

Wyoming Video Conferencing System (WVCS) - Video conferencing system operated by the State of Wyoming Department of Administration & Information Information Technology Division.  The system manages the endpoints for several state departments, and is available for public fee based use.